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With its low ride height and muscular body, the 2015 Subaru BRZ could easily have been written off by designers as a mere boyish sports car. But while it's still equipped with the necessary racing seats, this refined athlete is styled for the fashion-conscious adult driver, not the sport-car driver who's trying to forget he or she is an adult.

Rear-wheel-drive sport coupes are too often left to fend for themselves in a niche market of cartoonish cruisers, but the BRZ was designed to thrive in a broader, more grown-up market thanks to handsome styling touches and a minimalistic, well-organized interior. It doesn't hide or complicate any of its features with trendy designs. Its controls are straight-forward, easy to use and plentiful.

Considering having a mid-life crisis sometime soon? Might we suggest something that can keep you composed and cool? The BRZ is available for test drives and life contemplations here at Heritage Volkswagen and Subaru in Owing Mills, MD. It's also available for your perusal from the comfort of your plush, leather couch thanks to the AutoTrader.com review here:

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